Muricciaglia extra virgin olive oil

At an altitude of 550 meters in the Chianti hills, Muricciaglia is located in the heart of an area long esteemed for the quality of its olive oil.
The oil produced from olives grown at Muricciaglia is classic Tuscan oil, spicy with a slight peppery taste typical of our region. Based on its low acidity (normally well below the limit of 0.8%) our oil is classified “extra virgin”.
During the harvest, mid November, every 2/3 days the olives are brought to the “frantoio”, the extraction plant, where they are weighted, washed and crushed.

Extra virgin olive oil tips

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is exclusively obtained from olives through mechanical process. It excludes oils obtained by chemical processes and those blended with oils from other sources.
Extra v. o. o. has a free acidity which cannot exceed 0.8 grams per 100 grams (0.8%). It accounts for less than 10% of oil in many producing countries.

Early harvest

Olives picked at the very beginning of the harvest season, early November, are not completely ripen and have slightly less oil, a peppery and bitter quality and are higher in polyphenols and antioxidants( elements which reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer) and have a longer shelf life.

Hand picking

Hand picked olives produce a better oil than the ones harvested with a shaker or rakes. Mechanical harvesting bruises the fruit with a consequent increasing in acidity.

Time to mill

To produce a superior extra virgin oil, olives need to be pressed within 48 hours from the picking: the longer they wait the more the olive oil will be oxidized.

First cold pressed olive oil

“First cold pressed” is the official definition (IOOC regulations) for olive oil produced by stone mills and hydraulic presses. The paste is subjected to increasingly high pressures (no heating) to extract the oil.

Unfiltered olive oil

Unfiltered oil contains small particles of olive flesh and this add additional flavour. It can cause a sediment to form at the bottom of the bottle.

Frying with olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil smokes from 400 to 375 degrees F, so it is the best one for frying.

Bottled olive oil shelf life

An early harvest, high polyphenol containing olive variety, well sealed in dark bottles and stored in a cool dark place is best up to 18 months from its harvest. Better to buy oil in small quantities and use it up.

Pricey olive oil

There is no way to produce both cheap and genuine olive oil: if you look at the results of the large number of olive oil competitions you will not find any cheap mass market oil.