Tutti A Tavola from garry wapshott on Vimeo.

Prepare yourself for a great cooking spree! Please ask for the key and then you will see.

Created in 1996 “Tutti a Tavola”, after the age-old call to the dinner table used by families throughout Italy, has proved a very successful and popular cooking course.

The “mammas”, connected through family relations and lifetime friendship, have succeded in revealing the role of food in Italian life. More than simple sustenance, food is the substance that binds the family, promotes bonds of friendship, delights the soul, enriches the palate, and serves as the indefatigable topic of conversation at endless meals. Food in Italy not only sustains life but is a reason for living.

The understanding of food and the history of ingredients take on a greater significance beyond the blending of flavours as one becomes acquainted with each “Tutti a Tavola” cook, her heritage, her life’s story, and her mastery of traditional Italian cooking. Moreover, regional differences and special dishes color each woman’s experience and approach to cooking, and add diversity to the repertoire of recipes.

People come from the other side of the world to Radda in Chianti to cook together, sharing meals and conversation and staying in the homes of the cooks. Young and old, professionals and amateurs, wives and husbands make the journey to enter the welcoming fabric of Italian hospitality where friendship and good food combine to open the heart and please the stomach.

At the invitation of past participants, the “Tutti a Tavola” team have traveled to the homeland of their former students. From 2001 to these days they thaught classes in culinary institutes, public settings and private homes in the Usa and Australia where they have a wide following. Articles in the London Sunday Times, New York Times, Washington Post the Chicago Tribune and the National Geographic Traveler have spread the reputation of these women to an even broader cross-section of travelers, cooks, and general readers.