Il Palio di Siena

The Palio, the race of three rounds of Piazza del Campo, Siena’s main shell-shaped square, is one of the most awaited events of summer in Tuscany.
Its historic tradition dates to the XVII century and every year Siena relives this event.
The stars of the Palio, who have competed for centuries, are the districts called “contrade” into which the city is divided. While walking around Siena it is easy to know which “contrada” you are in because all around there are flags and emblems.
The “contrada” gives a real sense of belonging to the inhabitants who work all year round for the district taking part in all the activities, above all the Palio.
The Palio takes place twice, on July 2 and August 16 and lasts four days, from the warm-ups on June 29 and August 13 until the races. Both races are preceded by open-air dinners in the “contrade”.

Made by hand

When in Tuscany don’t miss the workshop/gallery of Lucia Volentieri. Lucia devoted her life to creating ceramics progressing year after year in her research, attending courses and seminars of master craftsmen.

You’ll simply be fascinated, her artful hands create wonders from clay and porcelain. You’ll fall in love with her pure, translucid white oval shaped bowls, glazed vases, miniature country farms and can’t resist to “Dominolio” the exquisite multifunctional ceramic set to offer Evoo to your guests.

Lucia lives and works in Castellina in Chianti and travels regularly to attend her exhibitions at home and abroad.

Giro d’Italia 2016

At Muricciaglia we are excited, at our door, km 16 of SR 429, the spectacular stage 9, the 40.4 kilometre individual time trial of Giro d’ Italia, will go by. We have invited all our friends and guests to spend the afternoon enjoying the view of the riders. You are welcome to join us!!
The “Chianti Classico” stage will start in Radda in Chianti and culminate at Piazza Matteotti in Greve. There will be an intermediate checkpoint close to the medieval centre of Castellina in Chianti.”

Beware the ZTL (restricted traffic zones)

Are you going to drive your rental car in Italy? Beware and read carefully the road sign ZTL, Restricted Traffic Zone.
In the limited traffic areas only authorised vehicles are allowed to drive, such as buses, taxis, police cars, ambulances, commercial vehicles. Residents, with a permit, have access as well.
If a car crosses a limited traffic zone, cameras will take a picture of the licence plate. Be very careful to avoid a traffic violation ticket and remember that GPS are not always correctly and regularly updated. Car rentals will detract the money for a road fine from your credit card, even after a long time.

Artigianato e Palazzo

From the 12th to the 15th of May at Corsini Gardens in Florence there is a special event you shouldn’t miss. It is a unique occasion to visit the magnificent Italian gardens and splendid limonaia of Palazzo Corsini, usually closed to the public.
This three days event presents the work of some 80 highly skilled craftsmen who recreate their workshops: jewellery making, ceramics, goldsmith’s craft, pottery, printing, hat making, working with bronze, wood, glass, iron, marble, paper. You’ll spend the most pleasant time walking along paths and alleys surrounded by hundreds of lemon trees in terracotta pots.